Okay, so I have a

Okay, so I have a beanie baby. Only one. It’s not like I’m developing a fetish.

There are a couple bb-fiends here at the office. One of them has a quirky computer that I’m always messing with. Every time I go in to tweak the thing, I end up playing with this one bb. A chipmunk. Chipper the Chipmunk, to be exact. I can’t help it–I like squirrel-like animals. So today, she gave me the thing–in fact, she insisted I take it. She’s trying to convert me. It won’t work; I had his tag off inside an hour. (“You’ve circumsized him!” said a co-worker.) So now Chipper is my friend. I don’t think of him as a beanie-baby, I think of him as, um, a small stuffed cute thing.

This is Chipper, watching me write about him in Blogger:

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