Went to see Dancer in

Went to see Dancer in the Dark on Thursday. As a big Lars Von Trier fan, I knew the trick was to let go of my expectations and just let him do whatever he wanted to with my brain. I love that man. I would rate Dancer as his second masterpiece, along with Breaking the Waves. Waves was actually a little better, mostly because of the angular vignettes inserted between scenes. Dancer was intense, emotional, harrowing, perfect. The only flaw could be noticed by those familiar with Bjork’s music–it’s easy to tell she’s in a melodic rut, and her tunes are difficult for anyone but her to pull off. That flaw, however, is a minor one. Though there is much Oscar noise for Joan Allen this year, expect Bjork to be nominated. Von Trier elicited a wrenching and beautiful performance from her. I defy you not to cry as she calls her son’s name over and over. I got very teary-eyed, but I was fighting hard because I’d forgotten to bring tissue (and I’d been warned! Silly me). I did remain near tears for an hour after the movie. Lars Von Trier is a director of unique vision, creating transformative works that will remain important films for generations to come. Never, never miss him.

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