(really from 11/16) I was

(really from 11/16)

I was all ready to get back to using Blogger, but they’re too slow to bother. Jeezus. I’m about to give up. It’s a shame–a great tool. I’ll never get my archives right without them.

Last night I went to see Requiem for a Dream. What a bumper-crop of wonderful female roles we’re getting this year. Ellen Burstyn is fantastic as Sara Goldfarb, a woman hijacked by her dream. This movie is sticking with me. I keep replaying scenes in my head over and over again. Yes, I do get the complaint that it’s yet another example of idealized junkies. I could do without that too. But hey, every movie has to have some flaw, right? I continue to love Aronofsky’s method of punctuating with small actions, repeated over and over. It makes the movie more like a symphony, with movements and rhythms. Man, I’ve seen some good movies lately.
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