(11/16) Okay, I’m not just


Okay, I’m not just cranky. This feeling isn’t passing. At least I’ve figured out what it is. I’ve heard nebulous (okay, not that nebulous) stories of people getting badly burned out on customer service. Support has been a large part of whatever I’ve been doing for…you ready?…ten motherfucking years. I think the only reason I managed this long is that it hasn’t been my entire job. I’ve had a great time putting together websites and developing apps and tons of other stuff. But I’ve reached my limit. I’d like to say I should have seen this coming, but really it ambushed me. Who knew? I thought I could be nice to computer-illiterate people forever. After all, it’s my job to know the things, not their’s. Rationalizations aren’t doing it anymore. I don’t care why they don’t know. I don’t want to stand over another person clicking a LINK in a BROWSER four times. I don’t want to explain something ten times when I sent out a concise note a month ago. Worse, I’m getting mean and impatient about it. No employee of the month award for my snippy ass.

Okay, rant over. For now.

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