“Do you ever think about

“Do you ever think about death?”

“Fuck off.”

It was a day of partial successes in good company.

Though I needed to take up the sleeves on my suit-jackets Sunday, I instead opted to meet Janie at Saturday Market. Surprisingly the place was dead. I tried to find a gift or two, but a quick run through revealed nothing of interest. I did, however, find a shop that carries my favorite Australian candy bar, Violet Crumble. Mmmm.

Off to Kell’s for bangers and mash. I’d never had–it was worth it just for the sauces they serve with it. I hate mustard. I loved their dijon sauce. Go figure. Janie really wanted to see Billy Elliot, so did I, and it sounded better than altering jackets.

Tickets purchased with 45 minutes to spare, we endured a light sprinkle to hit the local toy store. I admit I spelled a slightly dirty word with the little wooden link-together letters, but it wasn’t a terrible word. We read the back of the Bendy family, wound things up and let them go, and bought nickel-candies (didn’t they used to be penny-candies?) and hid them in our packs for the movie.

Off to see Billy dance. It was a good movie, and I enjoyed it. Some great one-liners from the older brother. I was baffled as to why Billy would break into tap in the middle of the movie when he’d been taking ballet lessons. That strained the movie’s credibility for me. But, it was good fun.

After the movie, Janie wanted to hit the mall for a few minutes. It sounded better than altering jackets. By this time it was beginning to rain, but not so much as to bother an Oregonian. We arrived at the mall a few block away, slightly damp. She bought expensive conditioner from a sweet guy with a dramatic lisp. In another shop that will remain nameless (because my friends read this) I was on the verge of finding a Christmas present when we were politely told the store was now closed.

Janie wanted to go for a drink. It sounded better than altering jackets.

A moderate rain now pelted us on our way to Paddy’s, but it still wasn’t wet enough for two Oregonians to admit defeat and bring out the umbrellas. We found as many awnings as possible. When we arrived at the only place Janie could get her vanilla something-something, it was closed for an employee function. Off to the Lotus, in ever more persistent rain. Alone, either one of us would have been under the cover of a bumbershoot. Together, no way were we going to admit it was bothersome. We arrived at the Lotus soaked through.

We were the only ones there. True, it was Sunday night, but I was surprised to find it quite that dead. Janie had something pretty that wasn’t entirely what she wanted, but she liked it anyway. We talked about INXS, Paul Mercurio, dead relatives. I thought about trying something alcoholic, but decided a Sunday evening was probably not a good time for my first bender. In any case, I’m sure I’d get morose.

We saw three other patrons come in. We saw one of the bartenders get up on a ladder and unwind balloon strings from the ceiling fans. “He’s cute” I mouth. She nods.

I got home just in time for the X-Files, to which I gave my full attention. It was better than altering jackets. I’m wearing a sweater today.

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