Dear Diary: Tired as hell

Dear Diary:

Tired as hell today. Insomnia is my constant companion. Gone for a week or so when I moved to the new place, it is now back with a vengeance. I read somewhere that when you can’t sleep, you should just get up and do something rather than tossing and turning. So I got a few things done. Plus a refreshing nap before coming to work.

I’ve been scared about some things lately. I think too much is changing, and I’m trying to get a grip on something, anything, that will remain steady. There really is nothing, so I may as well just let go and fly. Or fall. Who was it that said: “I’m not afraid of flying, I’m afraid of falling.” ?

I’ve been working on a portfolio, sort of. Okay, I’ve been working on one site that will be a part of my portfolio, but I’m placing way too much emphasis on it. You see, if I actually produce a portfolio, then I have to show it to someone. If I show it to someone, they can say: “Um, wow, you suck like a Hoover.” See? The falling thing.

I remind myself to just take one step at a time. If it seems like too much, make it a smaller step. “Create a portfolio” is a big step. “Create the first page”; too big again. How about <HTML>. ALT-F, S.

I can do that.

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