Love Letter to a Friend:

Love Letter to a Friend:

I want you back now.

It’s been charming to see you lose yourself in love, forgetting
everything, saying things that will embarrass you later. I can
lose you to love.

Losing you to hate has been frightening. I can’t watch you
focus on the shortcomings of another until you disappear in
that other.

He doesn’t matter. You’re letting him take control of you by
his very existence. He’s made a slave of you without lifting a
finger. Do you think he wants that control? Do you enjoy
altering your entire life because of him? Thinking blackly and
obsessively about him? Spending a part of each day for his

I don’t care about him! Get this twice: I DON’T CARE ABOUT
HIM! I care about you.

Please come back.

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