A friend and I have

A friend and I have made an informal pact: together, we will take one risk per week.

They are small things like taking a new bus just to see what’s there, going to a new place for dinner, starting a conversation with a stranger. Sometimes, they’ll be big things like new physical challenges or taking a greyhound to a place we’ve never been. Every week, we’ll challenge our perceptions. She won’t be here until the end of the month, so I’ll have to start this week without her. Just thinking about it scares me a bit–even though these are small things, they are meant to be uncomfortable. It is when we are uncomfortable that we learn. No, that doesn’t mean I’m planning on buying tighter pantyhose.

I have three very busy days left of the week. I can’t think of any risks I’ve taken already, so I’d better jump on something soon. Ideas?

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