I have the day off,

I have the day off, because for me, tomorrow is Christmas.

No, it’s not a weird religious thing. It’s just the day my friends and I have chosen to get together this year. We’ll exchange gifts, play games, eat food, the works. December 25 will come and go like any other day for me–tomorrow is The Big Day.

This year, because I have new digs, the fest is at my place. I’ve even opted to do all the cooking because I haven’t cooked for my people in a long time. So I’m off today doing the last of my shopping, all my food prep, and decoration. I know I should be cynical and begrudging–that’s my character, right? Sorry to disappoint, but I’m excited and happy to see everyone, and to get this all ready for them.

Those of you who are cynical and begrudging are no doubt wondering what my secret could be. Here it is: I chose my family. My parents and grandparents (who were mostly annoying) are gone, and my siblings may as well be. Over the course of my life, I’ve carefully chosen and kept wonderful people that I love like mad. I’m always glad to see them.

So, if I’m too busy to write anything for a while:


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