For those of us who’ve

For those of us who’ve led sheltered lives, my friend Chris (who is moving to Portland in less than a month! Woohoo!) explains the infamous “body shot” (keep in mind she’s explaining this to ME, an alcohol-illiterate):

“Well, let’s say you’re doing tequila shots. (not at all for the tame) you have a shot of tequila, some salt and a wedge of lime.

There’s different ways of taking all three. Most people do salt, tequila, lime. In that order. If you’re doing it by yourself you squeeze a little of the lime’s juice onto the curve between your thumb and index finger (or just lick it) and then pour some salt onto it. Then you hold the lime wedge between your thumb and index fingertips of that same hand and hold the tequila shot in the other hand. You lick off the salt, down the tequila and then bite into the lime.

With a body shot, though, the salt goes on someone else’s neck and they hold the lime in their mouths (so that the rind is
in their mouth and the lime “meaty-pulp-juice” part is outward). You lick the salt off of ’em, down your shot and then kinda’ kiss ’em to get the lime. Body shot. ta-da. Tequila is the most popular but there are other shots that you could do, too. Not many of them are “tasty”, though.”

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