Okay, got a question for

Okay, got a question for everyone. Let’s see if anyone can actually answer it from experience. How long do you wait for a celebrity to answer your e-mail before you send a follow-up that says: “uh, tap-tap, didja get that last one?” I mean, he contacted me first, I wrote back right away (friendly and businesslike, so don’t get any ideas), and now it’s just all awkward. Yeah, I know he’s busy. No, I’m not ticked, it’s just an weird situation. A week in RL is a month in cyberspace (I hate that word–but what else do ya use?). Still, I’m thinking I should give the guy a month in RL. Of course, it hasn’t even been a week yet. But it’s getting close. So tell me, all you hob-nobbers (okay, I really wanted to say starfuckers, but it seemed out of tone with the post), how long is too long?

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