Blogger has managed to lose

Blogger has managed to lose two weeks of archives. I can’t seem to get them to show up. Unfortunately, among them is an entry I really want someone to see…so here it is again, slightly edited.

What frykitty wants from a MAN

I’ll start with the physical, because after all, isn’t that where it always starts?

  1. He must have a body. Disembodied heads are good for a couple of jokes, but after that they’re just creepy. All my guys so far have been skinny, so now I think I’d like to try a little cush or a little beef.
  2. Short or tall, love ’em all. I love the lanky look of tall men. I love the huggability of short men. I think I’d prefer the compact at this juncture, but I’m not ruling out any particular verticality.
  3. I have a weakness for angles. Hatchet face? I’m your woman. I love a sharply cut jaw and almond-shaped eyes. Round doesn’t do it for me.

Okay, here’s the important stuff:

  1. Humor. Be funny. Smart funny, not stupid-funny.
  2. Intelligence. You must know things that I don’t know. If we know all the same stuff, what on earth is the point of getting to know you?
  3. Glasses. For me, sometimes the glass is half-full and sometimes it’s half-emtpy. I’m an optimistic cynic. If you’re glass is always half-empty, or worse, dry as a bone, forget it. Gotta have me some joy, boy.
  4. Passion. Be intense about something. Love something so much you forget to call me when you’re involved in it.

And, because I know my audience, and my audience likes SEX:

  1. My fantasy is to get naughty books and go through trying everything, as long as it only involves me and my partner. Of course, meat and potatoes is great too. Warning: I scream. Game?

Finally, here’s the big one:

  1. I AM NOT YOUR FUCKING BACKBONE. I have a lot of backbone–I can be so strong that I’m overwhelming. This attracts men who think I have enough decisiveness for both of us. Sod off. If you can’t make up your own mind, be your own motivation, know what YOU want, then I don’t want you. Yes, I can believe in someone and support them to the ends of the earth with my love and faith, but I’m not a goddamned sawhorse. If you need me that badly, I will run like hell.

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