Risk Report Week of Dec

Risk Report
Week of Dec 3

Last night, when my friends were over for our Christmas celebration, I had my friend Darin fix me a hot-buttered rum. That probably sounds like no big deal to you, but here’s the catch: I don’t drink. Until last night, the sum of my drinking was:

  1. A sip of cheap beer taken accidentally as a child (ew!)
  2. A sip of cheap champaign at my first wedding (ew! ew!)
  3. A sip of slightly better champaign during a trip to Las Vegas (and ew! again)

I’m no doubt terrified of the stuff. It’s killed most of the men in my family–but it tends to leave the women alone. So I faced that fear and had a drink. It was, through no fault of Darin’s, awful. I drank about an inch of it. I may end up liking rum, but I definitely do not like hot-buttered rum. Too sweet. After a few sips I did feel some dizziness. Was that a buzz? Why would anyone drink to get dizzy?

The end result: I’ll try again. I have some friends who are particularly versed in this area (you know who you are), and I’ll let them recommend something next time we’re out. So, I guess I’m not afraid anymore.

Risk Success Rating: 8

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