On breaking unconscious habits: Like

On breaking unconscious habits:

Like most people, I was taught by parents, society, and Better Homes and Gardens, that the livingroom is the place where you prepare to entertain guests. You put some chairs and a couch in there, arranging them for easy conversation. If you must have an office near the livingroom, do your best to separate it from the rest of the area.

Not even thinking about it, this is of course what I did when I moved into the new place. This is fine if you have some space, but my apt is absolutely lilliputian. So, every night I would come home from work, ignore the chairs and the couch and the tv (which most folks consider an okay livingroom addition), and head for the teeny-tiny corner I’d set aside for my office.

To top it all off, I mostly go out–people come back to my place maybe once a month. My “entertainment area” was doing little more than entertaining my two cats.

Screw that.

Several hours and a sore back later, I have a comfy office that also happens to contain a chair, couch, and tv. Gee, so this is what the rest of the livingroom is like.

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