Warning: the following entry is

Warning: the following entry is naughty. If you work with me or are otherwise personally acquainted with me, this is going to be more than you want to know.

I was having this delicious dream–I was spooning a sleeping man (Yes, I know who it was. No, I’m not going to tell you.) and decided to wake him up for sex. Just as I was meeting with success, I woke up. Still aroused by the dream, I started to…you know. But everything felt foggy and out of place. Then I woke up. Damn I hate when that happens. Still a little horny, I started to…you know. Everything felt right–the texture of the blankets, the smell of my bedroom–but I just couldn’t get anything going. Then I woke up.

I lay there, a little terrified, for several minutes. I definitely wasn’t horny anymore. I think I’ll just stay up now. For a long time.

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