It’s time. Beginning in about

It’s time.

Beginning in about 1989 I started flirting with the idea of celibacy. I didn’t like myself in relationships; I had a tendency to lose my identity and my priorities. I thought celibacy would be a great way to find peace away from the turmoil of relationships. I knew it would be a sacrifice, but one I thought was worth it. In 1992 it finally stuck. Yes, that’s right folks, it took me three years to finally give it up. Turns out it was worth it.

The past eight years have been an oasis. I’ve had the chance to examine my life free of the influence of an intimate relationship. I’ve grown immeasurably. I still have my quirks and insecurities, but I’m grounded in myself. I no longer fear losing myself in another person.

It’s time to let go of celibacy and embrace once again the possibility of love. I’ve grown as much as I can on my own, it’s time to seek out the growth that comes from intimate interaction.

Of course, this doesn’t really change anything for me on a day-to-day basis. I don’t have anyone in mind. I’m not going to bombard the marketplace with a flurry of personal ads. I may put a few pics up here (yeah, I know, it’s about time), just to encourage the chubby-chasers. Okay, there are a few things that will change. There are strategies to staying celibate: avoiding situations where you might meet someone; forbidding setups; discounting flirting out of hand. Not to mention running the other way at the merest whif of chemistry. With the exception of setups (yech!), I’ll let go of those.

Am I going to run right out and get laid? Oh, I wish. Probably not. I’m awfully picky, and that’s not something I intend to change. In all likelihood, I’ll remain celibate for a while and just check things out. We’ll see what happens.

Of course, I have the flu and am more or less out of my mind right now, so I might take all this back in a couple days.

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