I’m still deep in the

I’m still deep in the process of learning Flash 5. Actually, I have so many programs and languages and OS’s to learn this year that I think 2001 will be The Year My Brain Exploded. But anyway, I just have to say that I’m working through the book Foundation Flash 5 (thanks Paul for the suggestion), and I keep running into these features that are so good. I’ve had to work with a lot of bad software in my life. Specifically, I’ve had to support several breeds of word processor, spreadsheet, and other business applications. They’re all piles of steaming crap. Macromedia thought this out. It’s functional, it’s useful, it’s intuitive. It’s what software is supposed to be. Usually with new software I’m swearing in five different languages–two of them made up on the spot. With this, I’m blowing kisses to my computer. This is buttah.

Dear Macromedia: you deserve a special corner of heaven. Whatever horrible things are done with your software, let it be said that the product itself is wonderful.

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