All day long, sitting in

All day long, sitting in my boss’ office (he’s on vacation) setting up a new computer. My computer. The old one finally died. Unfortunately, I run a lot of things that like to fight. So I’ve been working on this one computer for six solid hours. I’m bored out of my mind, because a lot of it is waiting for installs. Of course I can’t just leave them alone and go accomplish something, because the minute I do, they’re whining for some damned file. When I’m not bored, I’m frustrated, because the other lot of it is figuring out why the installs don’t work. Oh, and I’m trying a new operating system. HAHAHAHAHA! I’m off my bleeding nut.

Kitty’s had a bad computer week.

Last night, I managed to kill my new server for almost three hours. Not bad for starting over from scratch. I suppose I’ve learned a lot. I don’t know about this whole pain-as-a-learning-tool thing.

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