Well, I tried to go

Well, I tried to go see some live dance tonight. Willamette Week’s description sounded extremely interesting. Note the price–$12-$24. One would assume that the cheap seats are $12 and the good seats are $24. But no. It’s $12 if you’re a student. I’ve been very broke lately, and it took some scraping just to get the $12. But I’m not a student. So with the service charge, the ticket price would have been nearly $30. Oh, I don’t fucking think so. In more flush times, perhaps–but not right now. I was pretty angry. Service charges I understand, but this was whacked.

Ah well, had fun anyway. Was out with Chris and her friend Bryon (who is neato skeeto), and we walked around for a while looking for trouble. It ended where all such adventures must end: in a drag bar. Had to leave too early for most of the show, but hey, it was still a nice evening.

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