Yes, yes, I’m okay. I

Yes, yes, I’m okay. I just needed to sleep on it. About the vacation–the good stuff:

  • The Long Beach Aquarium. Definitely go there if you can–it’s wonderful.
  • The Ghosts and Legends Tour on the Queen Mary.
  • Venice Beach

The bad stuff:

  • Staying on the Queen Mary. Nasty–don’t ever do it.
  • LA County Museum of Contemporary Art when they wipe out their permanent collection for a special exhibit.
  • LaBrea Tar Pits (yawn).

We did a lot more than that, but most of it fell on the neutral end of the scale. What really ruined my vacation was not the awful room and service on the Queen Mary, or the little disappointments. It was going with people that vacation in a considerably different way than I do–charging ahead and never slowing down. My feet were destroyed in the first day, and colored everything thereafter. Also, the people I went with were fine to spend a couple hours with. That’s all. After days of them, I was ready to start shooting.

Bottom line: I’m looking for new travel companions. You must be gainfully employed, easy-going, and a kid at heart.

Oh, and the hurt feelings thing…turns out it was probably a misunderstanding. Not on my part, mind you. I thought Paul had hired another designer to do a site for him. The other designer certainly thinks he has. I checked with Paul, and he has no idea what’s going on. Could be interesting.

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