I was looking specifically for

I was looking specifically for some notes I took on a book I was re-reading, and got completely side-tracked cleaning out old notebooks and notepads.

I have tons of notepads. There’s always one handy when I need it. After a few years, these pads become like an archeological dig. I spent 30 minutes or so peeling back the strata of my life. Some things I found:

  • Old lyrics. Bad old lyrics. I broke with my usual habit and threw the bastards out.
  • Notes from playing Myst and Riven.
  • An entire notebook devoted to The Stone. Puzzle printouts, leads, extensive speculation. Boy-howdy did I ever throw that away fast.
  • A journal from a vacation to Maryland I took in ’93. It was a nightmare (hmm, maybe I just shouldn’t travel), but one shining light was my friend Jamie. I wished in the journal that I could keep his friendship for just a few more years. I did, despite a bump or two. I had to write him about that one.
  • I went on a speed-reading kick once and digested a bunch of self-help books. This was several years ago, but the notes were great–a distilled record of my major personal challenges. Kept those.

Even the type of notebook is telling: I had a couple of Star Trek notebooks. One DS9 notebook from the beginning of the series.

Most of these old notes I tossed, and this entry will be their only monument. Adios, my friends. Now I have clean notebooks and can start afresh.

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