How sick is too sick

How sick is too sick to blog? Pretty darned sick, my friends. But I’m pleased to report that the fever has subsided, and while I still can’t talk (this could be a good thing), I can almost swallow. Yeehaw.

But I didn’t come here to talk about being sick. I came here to talk about the Oscar Nominees. Specifically, Chocolat. What the hell were they thinking?? My thought when I left the theatre after seeing that piece of fluff was “eh, whatever.” Sure, a nice movie, but NOT an Oscar contender. For this, Requiem for a Dream and Dancer in the Dark were all but shut out? Unbefreakinglievable. Sigh. I’ll get over it. There’s always some stupid sting with they announce the noms. I love movies, so I get a little involved. I have a couple nominees to see yet, and when I do, I’ll post not only my picks, but if I can con him into it, I’ll post my friend Kelly’s. The primary difference you’ll see between the two lists is that his will be right, and mine will be wrong.

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