Woohoo! It’s an illness update!

Woohoo! It’s an illness update! You can just skip this. I don’t like to talk about being sick here, because frankly, I get sick a lot. Long story. But this illness, oh, this has been special. It’s been a long, long time since I wanted to die quite this badly. I want to chronicle this–to remember–so that the next time it happens, I can just fucking shoot myself before I’m too weak to lift the gun.

So, for posterity, on Sunday, 10 February 2001, I contracted strep throat. I haven’t eaten solid food since then, and I’ve had the singular pleasure of dropping nine pounds so far. First one to compliment me on my weight loss is going to get decked. As my readers can no-doubt tell from the tone of my note, I’m extremely cranky. That’s because I haven’t been able to sleep for more than a few minutes at a time since Monday. For those keeping track–yes!–this IS Thursday! I’m also cranky because I’m feeling very, very isolated. Work is my primary source of human contact. I can’t hardly go out with my friends or invite them over. So I’m screwed. Which is why my Three Unfortunate Readers are getting this screed.

I will now return to my regularly scheduled sob in the corner.

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