Yes, I survived. Yes, I’m

Yes, I survived. Yes, I’m feeling better. I can eat a little, and I can finally SLEEP. God, that is so great. I stayed in bed until 1pm today–and I needed every nightmare-about-being-trapped-in-my-apartment second of it. The worst part has been the boredom. Stuck alone in my apt for a freakin’ week, unable to sleep, to weak to do anything. AUGH! In fact, I was so bored that I’m going out right now. It’s only to see a movie…but man, it’s gonna be nice to get outta this place for a few hours. I’m off to see Chopper, and Aussie film I’ve been looking forward to. It’s part of the Portland International Film Festival, an event that always catches me off guard. Very irritating. Must get on their mailing list.

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