Have you ever known a

Have you ever known a vampire? No, I’m not talking about the blood-sucking kind. This is the person who seems hollowed-out, unchanging over the years, decaying before your eyes. They have only one dimension. Deep conversation or contradictions must be carefully avoided, because a strange kind of logic rules the vampire mind–it is incomprehensible to living human beings. If crossed they will turn this logic on you, unable to see how wrong or hurtful they are. All the vampire has left is ego, and this must be protected at all costs.

Vampires suck the light out of the room when they enter. The pain you feel in their presence is your soul being siphoned away. They don’t mean to do it, but lacking a soul themselves, they must. They are not aware of their status, or that they are hurting everyone they contact.

What makes vampires? Lack of love. Avoidance of pain. Avoidance of any emotion.

So, have you met a vampire? Most people have. I’ll go you one better. I’ve watched a vampire be born. Someone I’ve loved for years and years–I watched him slowly hollow out until there was nothing left but an animated corpse. It makes me want to cry. I tried to keep loving him, but it just became too difficult. Being with him was an ordeal that made me tired and jumpy. I finally had to say goodbye. Not forever I hope. I wish very much that he’ll be able to get help, fall in love, anything that will gain his humanity back for him. I’m sure it will take a few years. I’ll miss him until then.

Of course what truly scares me, because I am essentially selfish, is how close I am myself to becoming a vampire. I hope my friends will warn me if I cross over.

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