The Mexican

Caught a sneak last night thanks to my friends rescuing me from the dank boredom of an apartment where the major source of lighting is bulbless. It was a good rescue.

The Mexican is not the sappy romantic comedy the trailers lead you to expect. Funny? Oh, yes. Sappy? Nah. Romantic? Sort of. It’s the story of Jerry and Sam, two folks who love each other, but “can’t seem to get it together.” In fact, they spend most of the movie on separate, though connected, adventures. Jerry has to find, keep (that’s the hard part), and deliver a legendary gun to his boss. Sam is being held for insurance by a hit-man-cum-relationship counselor, played brilliantly by James Gandolfini.

The script is tight and witty, with surprising and delightful dialog sprinkled with great one-liners. My favorite came from Gandolfini: “I’m just here to regulate funkiness.” The satisfying plot is made for folks with a few brain cells to rub together. The direction is clever–it isn’t often where just the act of switching to “storytelling” mode brings laughter from an audience. Gore Verbinski brought out flawless timing in his actors. The laughs, and there are plenty, come at all the right moments.

Bottom line? Last year Kel and I saw Gladiator early in the season, and we knew it was an Oscar contender. The Mexican is our first Oscar contender for this year. Kel and I agree that James Gandolfini will be nominated for Best Supporting Actor, and I predict a screenplay nom for J.H. Wyman.

I can’t think of anyone to whom I wouldn’t recommend this movie. Universally appealing, I expect moderate box-office, critical acclaim, and…oh, just go see it.

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