On the train this morning

On the train this morning there was an eight-year-old boy about two seats back quietly

making penis jokes. His dad was trying to distract him in various creative manners. It

would work for a while, then I’d hear: “Look dude, a cyclops!” followed by little-boy

giggling. It was pretty funny.

I need to update my

I need to update my crush section in a more regular manner. I mean, I put up two, point the menu to the first one…then I get the urge and put up another one and the menu never gets pointed to the second one that I put up in the first place. Does that make sense? Well, Jackie kinda got skipped. Though I’m sure you Crush fans checked him out thoroughly. I’ve already had complaints about the cheesy pose. Heh. So…maybe I should do this once a week? Wednesdays? Thursdays? Aw, hell, I’ll probably just keep doing it when I get around to it. Oh, by the by, Peter Gabriel is a babe.

I listen attentively to the

I listen attentively to the recommendations of my friends. I am always looking for a new

author, artist, band. I’ve found many of my favorites through people with like tastes.

Imagine how much more potent a recommendation is coming from someone who’s work you admire.

Not from someone else who reads the same author, but from the author herself. It was at a

local convention that I had the opportunity to talk briefly with author Kathe Koja, and her artist

husband Rick Leider. They talked about the art that

influenced them, and I listened. Witkin was at the top of their list. It didn’t take me

long to find an excellent tome of his work and browse through. While few

things shock me anymore, I did find some of his images hard to look at. I still do. Which

is why I bought the book, and have become an avid follower. Witkin makes me question my

sensibilities. He leads me to beauty where he finds it, in the twisted, the dead,

the deformed. I have always seen beauty in the ordinary. Witkin shows me beauty in the


Disclaimer: No, I'm not religious.

Disclaimer: No, I’m not religious. I just think church reader-boards are cool, when taken as a group.

Reader-board at the Wesleyan Church

Reader-board at the Wesleyan Church on Halsey:

“See the light or feel the heat.”

Okay, I don't normally get

Okay, I don’t normally get very personal here, but I’m gonna spew, so just skip this if you

don’t wanna know.

My brother called last night. I haven’t talked to him in over a year, though I knew what

he’s been up to since I do exchange e-mail with an ex-girlfriend of his. My brother isn’t

really a depressing guy most of the time. It isn’t his fault. I love him tons, as

evidenced by the fact that he’s one of the two relatives with which I still speak, but his

call spun me right to the bottom. When you’ve been cruising, having a good time, watching

things go right, you don’t like to be reminded of the slime from which you crawled. Except

for one aunt, nephews, and some other rare selections, my family members fall into one of two categories: 1. Dead; 2. Too stupid to

live. Unfortunately you don’t need a license to fuck in this country, so I have plenty of

relatives, despite their lack of viability in the modern world. So talking with one of them

fills me with self-loathing, doubt, and misery.

Then, for a trivial reason, I got even more depressed. I rented Gummo, and made the

mistake of trying to watch it. Kids: don’t try this at home. I didn’t even make it through

the flick. It’s not bad, mind you. In fact, it’s pretty brilliant. But it’s also very

real, and very disturbing. Must watch in happy mood. Bad, bad movie for unhappy mood. So,

by the time I went to bed, I pretty much didn’t want to wake up.

But wake up I did, and I’m glad–but wait! There’s more! I checked messages on the phone

this morning and found a voicemail from my brother that he left at 11:30pm. He was drunk,

saying “Hellooo, hellooo! Wake up! Is this voicemail or an answering machine?” He called

because he wanted “big shishter’s” number. As if. She and I don’t talk, but
even if I did have her number, I wouldn’t be giving it to my toasted brother so he could

ring her up at midnight.

Sometimes, you just wish they were all in category #1.

Salon did a very nice

Salon did a very nice profile on Witkin in their Brilliant Careers series. “Is his darkly imaginative photography an intellectually camouflaged freak show or high art?”

Speaking of kitties, there is

Speaking of kitties, there is no better blog name in the universe than fluffy battle kitten. Lest the name turn out to be a clever but cruel ruse, I’ve been reading it for several days. I’m hooked. Maggie has me thinking PINK.

yack'd'yack has a nifty new

yack’d’yack has a nifty new design. But then I’m a sucker for anything with a kitty on it.

Hello boys and girls! Today's

Hello boys and girls! Today’s blog theme is Joel-Peter Witkin! Can you say “corpse”? Very good!

In all seriousness, and this guy is dead serious, I’ll be blogging a bit about Witkin today. Of course there will be non-Witkin blogs, but I’d like to do a theme once in a while. Welcome to my mind, and the things I love.