I've finally added an archive

I’ve finally added an archive entitled past mewsings. You have no idea how hard it is to be this clever.

In the mood to put

In the mood to put up some new crushes today. So many men…

One of my favorite daily

One of my favorite daily reads just quoted me. Do you have any idea how good it feels to be liked by someone you like? I hope so, because it feels freakin’ great, and everyone should feel this way.

Okay, yeah, I read about

Okay, yeah, I read about the positive blogging thingie the day it came out, and I’ve been thinking about it. I’ve come to the conclusion that I just can’t do it. Sure, I can be positive, and I almost never slap anyone that doesn’t slap me first…but sometimes demons possess me. Sometimes the back of my neck begins to burn and my left eye begins to twitch and the vein at my temple goes thrump-thrump and I have to yell FUCK YOU ALL I HOPE YOU DIE BUT BEFORE YOU DIE I HOPE MY COUSIN BUBBA-JAY-BOB FINDS YOU IN THE WOODS AND MAKES YOU SQUEAL LIKE A PIGGIE!!! SQUEEEEEEEEAL!!! Ahem. So I can’t sign the pledge. But I think it’s a really good idea, and if you’re not troubled by demons, I highly recommend supporting the effort.

A note to all you

A note to all you bloggers that include “now listening to” and “latest movie”, etc. I like dat. So don’t quit doing it just because some people (whom I love, but still) think it’s passe. I read the blog, I look at the music. If I like some of what you like, I may well check out other things I haven’t heard about. This is how we discover new and wonderful things.

Okay, maybe it isn't the

Okay, maybe it isn’t the most gorgeous site on the web, but my friend and writing-partner Jamie has a site up, with a FREE PREVIEW (hah, like you’d pay for it) of the first comic we wrote together. So go look, ‘cuz in a few years you’ll be able to say you knew me when I sucked. Don’t let the writing distract you from J’s fabu art.

I love my office. That's

I love my office. That’s right, I have an office, with a door that closes. And no pesky little window by the door so people can peer in at me. Nope. I have complete privacy when I want it. I could work in the nude if I decided to. Maybe I’m working in the nude right now. Continuing with office love…have you ever watched one of those documentaries about geeky special-effects people that work on sci-fi movies? Toys and posters everywhere? Well, that’s my office, only a bit neater. I even have a Princess Leia stand-up in the corner. No, not the bikini one, the blaster one. I really need to diversify my posters–right now there are too many Star Trek and Star Wars posters on the wall. One of each should suffice. I have Hackers (so sue me, I love that movie) at home waiting for a frame. My point? Sure, you may make more money than I do, but I have a cooler office. Nyah.

Salon's Table Talk contains some

Salon’s Table Talk contains some of the best discussion boards on the web, and it’s a great place to stay informed about the things that matter to you. That said, I find I stay subscribed to a couple of threads more out of guilt than current interest. I used to be interested. There are certain seasons of the year when I am a paragon of social conscience, and will not only keep up with these subjects, but contribute and pass along salient facts. The rest of the time, I just skim to the end so I can get to the threads where everyone argues, or just talks fluff. Does this make me a bad person? Probably not. Watching Who Wants to Be a Millionare is what makes you a bad person.

A note to my fellow

A note to my fellow unpopular bloggers: just quiddit. Attacking a fellow blogger just because you’re jealous calls attention to your blog only momentarily, and it makes you look like a goob. Yes, I have attacked a certain popular read myself, but I did it because I thought he was being a butthead, not because of his hit-count. I’ll tell ya somethin’–those blogs are popular for a reason. They have excellent design and they are written by talented folks. They’re just plain fun. So why am I not linking them? Because even though I am the lowest of the low, the slime at the bottom of the blog-barrel, I’m going to behave and not give all sorts of fawning link-backs to get attention. If you have no idea who I’m talking about, they are in my “bloglove” list (which still might be a fawning link-back…aw, whatever). Barbelith, cockybastard, girlhero, riothero, uber, Swallowing Tacks, and a number of others. They rock, so back off. And while you’re perusing my “bloglove” list, be sure to check the ones you haven’t read yet. Throw a scrap to the bloggers living off crumbs.

Went to a sneak of

Went to a sneak of Shanghai Noon last night. Unfortunately the preview was hosted by a local country station. Sorry all you Dixie Chicks fans, but that crap gives me a rash. Still, the movie was fun. Not earth-shattering, not life-changing, just a good old Jackie Chan flick. We like Jackie. Jackie cute. And Owen Wilson didn’t die horribly. My movie buddy and I had become accustomed to shouting “Oh my God, they killed Owen! The bastards!” But no opportunity presented itself. I assume as he takes more starring roles, he will die less frequently. We like him, but it’s still fun to watch him die. I mean, did anyone see that great decapitation in The Haunted coming? Woohoo–great death, Owen.