So is everybody in the

So is everybody in the world moving?? Well, I may not jump on the re-design bandwagon (I like my minimalist schtick), but moving is a yesirree-bob. I was saving my pennies for a move date in early Fall, but decided instead to cop a loan against my retirement account and go in the next 8 weeks or so–depending on how much I can get. I forgot my PIN number again, so I can’t check the account. Maaaan…I hate it when you can’t choose your own. S’anyway, this is me planning on moving into the city after eight years in the podunks. I’ve picked out a nice little industrial district that’s 15 minutes (walking!) from work. Yay me.

Okay, this is me taking

Okay, this is me taking an official break from work to blog nifty things. Well, at least I like them. First: “Harlan Ellison” can be rearranged to spell “Also ran in Hell”. Be sure to click on the sign……..and in case I haven’t mentioned it yet, movielens may not be pretty, but it is pretty cool. Especially for those of us who like to endlessly rate things. That would be me……..Rick Leider is a favorite artist of mine. He happens to be married to Kathe Koja, who is another fave author. I promised a website a long time ago and never did it. I suck………finally, despite crappy navigation, this is a nice site on my fave director,Peter Greenaway. Okay, today ended up being an “all about me” blog. Live with it.

Of course, I used to

Of course, I used to have a really cute boss. I’d put up his pic, but he knows where this page is, and he’d probably get pretty ticked at me. So, what’s better? A cool boss or a cute boss? Not that the cute boss wasn’t cool…ah, I just better stop digging now.

So my boss came back

So my boss came back from a conference in Las Vegas, where he went to M & M World. He brought me back a bag of M&Ms, which you might not think is cool…until I tell you they’re black. Okay, there are other colors too, but I like the black ones best. I have a neato boss.

Aw man…Sprint killed our T3

Aw man…Sprint killed our T3 for the entire morning. No web from work. Ouch. When I finally got back on, I zoomed right over to girlhero to see about the new project. I’m torn. I really, really like some of the folks involved, and really, really, don’t like some others. But with the ones I don’t like, it’s purely an attitude thing–they’re all incredibly talented. It’s like yeah, Rick James is a shit, but I still get Super Freak stuck in my head. So I’m gonna watch this one. Until they piss me off.

This writer is my role

This writer is my role model. I would especially like to avoid the laws of physics. (thanks Megan!)

This guy is entertaining and

This guy is entertaining and genuine. And he reads Flannery O’Connor.

We've all heard the stories

We’ve all heard the stories about international marketing faux pas like the Chevy Nova, where “no va” means “no go” in Spanish. Well, this company should have done a little more research into yankee slang. Wonder if you could use it on your…

Christina from the celibate-life list

Christina from the celibate-life list suggested that everyone’s answers to the four questions below be put up somewhere, and so I volunteered. I think the result is a nice read.

Someone on a celibacy mailing

Someone on a celibacy mailing list asked some interesting questions of the group. They looked bloggable to me:

Q: What is your greatest regret about choosing to be celibate?

A: This might be a shocker for the list, but I do enjoy sex, and it was very hard to give up at first. Sometimes I regret missing out on the sensual pleasure. But my reasons for doing so are very solid, so the regret doesn’t last long.

What is your greatest joy about being celibate?

A: Peace, peace, peace. I have such incredible, deep friendships without the pressure of sex. I am fearless because sexual rejection is not an issue. Think about all the things most people go through every single day in pursuit of sex. None of that touches me.

Q: Do you ever forsee a day when you might “go to the other side” or is being celibate a permanent choice?

A: There will probably come a day when I will again approach a romantic relationship. It’s good for my spiritual growth. I’ll have to be ready to handle the pain that goes along with it, so it may be a while. I honestly haven’t met anyone interesting enough to be more than a momentary crush…but I know that I’m likely to. These things happen. On the other hand, I’m not going hunting for it.

Was there a day in your life when you said…ok, I am celibate and always will be? Describe your emotions on that day.

A: I don’t remember a specific day or moment. It came over time. I grew into celibacy–what started as running away from one thing turned into embracing something else. If I could identify any feeling, it might be “groovy”. Is that a feeling?